Thursday, March 10, 2011

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Basics

In the upcoming weeks, Ultra Agent will be releasing many blog posts on SEO.   To read them all, click here.

Optimizing a website for search engines takes time. What you do today will be reflected months down the road. SEO is an investment of time for your website and your business. Search engines like Google like websites that have been around for a long time. Sometimes it can take months for new websites to show up in search engine rankings.

Two Important Factors

1. Website Textual Content
Search engines can only read text. They can't read images and they can't read flash. Your textual content of your website "must include the keyword phrases" you're trying to target in the search engines. If they don't, your website will not be found for those words.

Web Page Textual Content Optimization

With Ultra Agent, you have full control of all the textual content of your website. You also have full control over all the SEO elements of your website including Title Tags, Meta Tags, and Image Alt Tags. We give you control over every area of your website as if you had it custom designed and built. We have many agents who do really well in the search engines.

2. Incoming Links
This is probably the biggest factor with search engines like Google. They like to see incoming links to your website. These are links on other websites linking to your website. Ultra Agent does provide incoming links with our Listing Syndication. So, if you have listings, make sure you insert them and opt them in for Listing Syndication. Social media also allows you to create social profiles and pages and link them to your website. This is another reason why social media has become so big.