Friday, March 11, 2011

SEO - Web Page Optimization

Last updated:12/17/2012

SEO is a complicated subject with over 100 factors going into search engine rankings. We tried to make this a very easy read with simple steps to optimize your website for search engines.

6 Steps to Optimization

1. Choose Your Keyword Phrase(s)
Only 1 or 2 keyword phrases should be targeted per web page. Optimizing your website for the wrong keyword phrases could waste valuable time and show no results. It's important to choose the right keyword phrases.

Choosing the Right Keyword Phrases

2. 300 Words of "Unique" Textual Content
Your page content should contain"at least 300 words of unique textual content". We suggest writing 500 words of unique textual content. The more text, the better results!

3. 1% Keyword Density
Your keyword phrase should appear 1% of the time in your textual content. That is 1 time for every 100 words. So, if you wrote 300 words of text, your keyword phrase should appear 3 times in this text. If you wrote 500 words, then 5 times.

Do not have your keyword phrase more than 2%. This is called "keyword stuffing" and search engines will give you a penalty.

If you have a secondary keyword phrase, then it should have a keyword density of .5%. 300 words = 1.5 times, 500 words = 2.5 times

4. Add an Image
You should have 1 image for every 300 to 500 words. Search engines can't read images. However, you can set attributes of an image that are readable.

Optimizing an Image for Search Engines (Coming Soon)

5. Set Title Tags
Your Title Tag for your web page should contain your keyword phrases.

Optimizing the Title Tag (Coming Soon)

6. Set Meta Tags
Your Meta Tags for your web page should contain your keyword phrases.

Optimizing the Meta Tags (Coming Soon)